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In every industry, there are a few companies that stand out as a symbol of superior quality and have the passion to stand by their work to satisfy their customers. In repair and cleaning, we are determined to be one of those very few companies. We provide the best material, knowledge and experience to repair or clean your rugs. All work is done in house at our cleaning facility located in the back of the gallery.
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Expert Cleaning & Repair

Of Your Fine Oriental Area Rugs

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We have a beautiful selection of fine Persian & traditional designs, contemporary rugs, transitional rugs and tribal rugs. Come in and see us today or visit our virtual showroom.
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Rug Cleaning

A rug can lose its lustre and sheen over time and like all carpets cleaning is necessary. Let Moe Tavassoli Oriental Rugs be your preferred rug cleaning service as we can make your rugs look almost new again using all natural and gentle soaps.
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Best Rug Repair & Restoration

We specialize in the best of rug repair in the Phoenix valley. Come to us for all your rug repair needs including rugs damaged by animals as well as regular wear and tear . Our master weavers can help!
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Rug Appraisals

Don't know what your rug is worth? Did you just receive an heirloom rug from a relative? At Moe Tavassoli Oriental rugs, we can assess the value of your rug and give you a professional written appraisal.
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Moe Tavassoli Oriental Rugs in Scottsdale, Arizona

Handmade rugs have always contributed to enhancing the decor of any home where they get spread out on the floor. Woven from different materials such as New Zealand wool or hand-spun wool or combination of wool and silk or all silk, they come in various shapes, sizes and textures.  Wool is a fabric we all feel comfortable with. Soft yet robust, lithe yet sturdy and comfortable yet thick are the most apt attributes to define wool. At the same time, there is no better refuge than wool during winter time.  To have carpets made out of wool laid down on the floor of your house will create a different feeling altogether.  Fine rugs keep the flooring warm, make the room look beautiful and has a soft sensation beneath your feet to ensure you are comfortable.

You need to be a bit careful while setting out to buy handmade rugs. Be clear about where the rug was made.  Make sure when you buy it that you receive an certificate of authentication.  This is a guarantee that it has come outsourced from a recognized weaving center.  Handmade rugs woven from wool are durable and lasting.  They last you for decades together, for the unwavering wool stands the test of time besides the countless stomps it has to endure day in and out. The costs of fine rugs may go a little overboard, but they are worth it.

Strong designs reflect original woven rugs where as faint designs are a strong sign of the carpet being fake or a phony one. While going to a store to buy handmade rugs, never be afraid of examining the colors from close quarters. Feel them closely before you buy. It may feel dry, and the colors too may not be that strong. In that case, it would be safe to assume that the wool from which it has been woven was taken from a dead sheep, instead of being sheared from a living animal.  Remember, it is always best to choose handmade rugs made out of live wool rather than picking up ones made out of carcasses. The former lasts for a much longer time than the latter. You need to know for a reason the number of knots that make up a top class genuine woolen rug.

Some experts say the number should be around two hundred per square inch on handmade rugs. If the knots are lesser in number, the quality too should be taken for as passive. The number of knots has a bearing on the overall costs.

When going out to purchase a rug, it is wise to carry a few photographs of the room that the rug will be placed.  This will help you see if the rug is a perfect fit for the room for which it is being picked. This also helps define the piece that suits your decor, making the room look sensational.  Fine rugs look beautiful on hard wood, cork floors, travertine, stone and tile.

Get a few for your home and put them at every spot where you often have to place your feet. This will help you feel exceptionally comfortable, and give you the pleasure of a lifetime.


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